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Organic Sicilian Oregano Branches from Gangi Dante

Organic Sicilian Oregano Branches from Gangi Dante

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Gangi Dante cultivates a wild variety of oregano that thrives in the rocky soils of Sicily and yields a spicy, slightly bitter flavor. Gathered by hand, the branches are kept intact and laid to dry on coarse fiber mats to lock in and intensify their essential oils. Once dried, this oregano boasts vivid aromas of mint, marjoram and lemon zest. In the words of Gangi Dante, it's "aromas will perfume you of the Mediterranean."

How to use

Use Gangi Dante Crushed Sicilian Oregano to brighten up tomato sauces, pizza or roasted vegetables. We love pairing earthy oregano with the tang of feta cheese. 

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